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A Year in the Life of a Welsh Hill Farmer

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Each season possesses a unique charm and spreads its natural beauty across North Wales. Country cottages and farm stays in Wales give you the freedom to explore the sprawling landscapes and experience life in this magnificent country.

The winter frost melts and spring begins to emerge in all its glory. Welsh hill farmers start preparing the land for planting. The grass grows greener on the fields and the hillsides become dotted with grazing cattle and sheep.

Come April, lambs can be seen skipping among the pastures. North Wales is blessed with natural beauty all year round, however, springtime is a particularly special time for families to visit. There are several farm parks where children can get up close and bottle feed the lambs and calves.Discover farm parks in North Wales

Cottage and farm stays in Wales provide fabulous experiences for families of all ages. Imagine waking to the sound of a cockerel and enjoying rustic breakfasts (made with freshly laid eggs, of course) around a farm kitchen table. Spend the afternoon cycling among the country lanes, go horse riding in the hills or amble to a country pub for lunch.

As the summer months approach, the land becomes even richer in colour. Shearing the sheep is one of the most physically demanding jobs on the calendar. The fields become knee-high with crops and farmers hop onto tractors to reap the hay and make silage for fodder.

In September, vibrant autumnal colours unfurl across the countryside, making it aflame with fiery red and orange. The young livestock are now being weaned and put back into the barns.

During the winter, cottage and farms stays in Wales provide cosy retreats with real log fires, crisp country walks and hearty homecooked meals.

Whatever time of year you’re planning your escape, North Wales is filled with spectacular scenery. From exciting attractions to Snowdonia National Park to ancient castles and ruins.

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