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Snowdonia is one of only 11 places in the world to be certified as an IDA International Dark Sky Reserve giving you some idea of what a truly magnificent place it is to experience the dark skies above Snowdonia style…

Allan Trow and Martin Griffiths from Dark Sky Wales have been instrumental in the Dark Skies initiative and through their Stargazing experiences and Astrophotography workshops, they have made the night sky so more accessible to us down here on earth… it’s fascinating to learn about what is going on up there!

The stargazing and astrophotography workshops take you on a tour of the night sky where you will view familiar and unfamiliar constellations of the northern hemisphere. Find various deep sky objects such as the Orion Nebula and learn the correct use of binoculars and telescopes and learn to navigate the night sky with star maps. No prior knowledge or equipment needed, but they do say feel free to bring both!

So if you a budding astronomer or would like to learn a little more about the stars and the planets, then head over to the Dark Sky Wales website for more information.