Dominic Clare - Wood Sculptor in Snowdonia, North Wales

Dominic Clare – Wood Sculptor in Snowdonia, North Wales

Posted on December 2nd by Amy Bowers

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Dominic Clare last month, a fantastic local sculptor based here in Snowdonia, North Wales.

A narrow single track road just north of Llanfrothen leads me winding through a wood, heavy with autumn leaves. Eventually, the wayward sculpture of the trees and branches gently give way to more obedient outlines. These new shapes are difficult to spot at first. Hidden among the net curtain of natures foliage. They tread a gentle path between natural organic beauty and the more controlled hand of man.

Dominic is quiet and un assuming. Perhaps a little scruffy around the edges. I like him immediately. We chat in his workshop surrounded by oft-handled tools and intriguing figures, the air full of the smell of sawdust. Eventually we move outside. He sets to work on his latest project, a set of benches destined for a National Trust project.

Later on, armed with a pencil marked map, I go for a drive around North Wales to view some of Dominic’s previous work. Here’s the video I made along the way.

For more information on Dominic’s work go to: