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Surf Snowdonia To Open Summer 2015

Posted on March 21st by

The latest addition due to launch this summer in the North Wales adventure playground is Surf Snowdonia.

Based in the village of Dolgarrog, Conwy, Surf Snowdonia is the first publicly accessible Wavegarden® artificial surfing lagoon. This revolutionary concept, generates powerful and consistent surfing waves, of varying heights up to 6 feet, in a 300m long lagoon. It is ideal for all surfers, from grommets (beginners both young and old) to professional surfers, and will be a fantastic family destination. Surf Snowdonia will also play host to events, competitions and surf demos, giving the public access to the World’s top surfers.

Alongside the surfing lagoon will be an activity lagoon for more family based swimming fun as well as a cafe, restaurant, children’s play building and woodland trails…..So whether you are looking to learn to surf, hone your surfing skills or just want a family day out with a difference, Surf Snowdonia has a lot to offer. Having officially qualified as one of the world’s top 50 most exciting tourist attractions before its even opened, a visit has got to be on the list this summer.

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