Top 10 Things a Kid should do before they are 11

Top 10 Things a Kid should do before they are 11

Posted on February 6th by

So the National Trust launched a campaign last Autumn to encourage our ‘cotton wool’ kids out into the great outdoors by listing 50 things a child should do before they are 11 – all back to basics, simple fun with not an electronic gadget in sight – we LOVE this!

EVERYTHING on the list can be done in Snowdonia, so if your coming to stay with us this year with younger ones in tow, make the most of it and get them ticking things off the list. To get you started, here are our top 10 things a kid should do before they are 11 that we think are unique to Snowdonia and can be done in that extra special way, creating those memories for life:

1 – SKIM A STONE – whether its by the sea or on the lakes, its so satisfying when you finally get the stone to jump (for adults too!).

2 – SWING ON A ROPE – you’ll find these along certain parts of the river where the pools below are deep enough to fall into. Hunting them out is part of the fun.

3 – LEARN TO SAIL A BOAT. Bala lake is a beautiful and safe environment in which to do this.

4 – WATCH THE SUN WAKE UP – its hard to beat the views in Snowdonia – again decide whether you prefer beach or mountain, but either way, it’s pretty magical to watch.

5 – GO WILD SWIMMING – the choices are endless with rivers and lakes everywhere in Snowdonia making it one of the most beautiful places to go wild swimming.

6 – LIGHT A FIRE WITHOUT MATCHES – There are still many places that you can light campfires – my favorite is on the beach as the sun goes down, toasting marshmallows.

7 – FIND YOUR WAY WITH A MAP AND COMPASS – surrounded by mountains, you couldn’t ask for a better place to do this.

8 – CANOE DOWN AND RIVER – fun, fun, fun – if you don’t have your own equipment, there are plenty of adventure activity companies that can help.

9 – USE A POCKET KNIFE – remember to always cut away from the body. Use your imagination to make a masterpiece!

10 – SWIM BEHIND A WATERFALL – with different sized waterfalls dotted all over the place it means you can find one that will suit any age group – it’s the best!