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Our guests love the joys of a hot tub when on holiday in beautiful Snowdonia. Gwion and Louise have just installed a wood burning hot tub at Melin Byrdir and we love it!

looking distinctly Scandinavian, the wooden structure holds the water that is heated by copper pipes that run from the attached wood burner. The sauna smell combined with that of burning wood is just amazing while you sit back and relax. Melin Byrdir has it all. During the day there are views of the sea and mountains and at night, as Snowdonia has been granted dark skies status, you have some of the most beautiful views of the night sky in the world.

There is a little more involved than just turning on a switch to heat up the water but it adds to the overall experience. No chemicals are used which means it is filled as and when you want to use it and it takes a couple of hours to heat. The whole process takes approx 4 hours which is the perfect opportunity to fill up as you cook dinner and then grab your chairs once the fire is lit to sit around the wood burner with drinks enjoying the evening alfresco before you get in. Put the cover on when you have finished and the water will stay warm until the next morning, ready for a morning dip!